Monday, July 30, 2007

Back At It

It's noon, day one back from vacation. The work world has continued to churn and so I'm 7 days behind everyone else - oh well.

There's not much to do:

250 e-mails (respond or delete)
Financial planning for 2008 (Due Thursday)
Prepare for not one but THREE new minions
Catch up so I can help my team while broom hilda is on vacation
Resume the fully enforced eatting plan (decaf non-fat latte in hand!)
Catch you up on the eatting plan - the why's and such
65th birthday gift for Glenda the Good Aunt of the East
Wedding present for Rico and the next Mrs. Rico (9/1 he goes off the market ladies... better hurry if you want a shot at him.)
Get my keys back from the cat-sitter (why she took my mail key I'll never know)

That's it for now... gotta run... e-mail is calling.

1 comment:

Peter the Cat said...

She did a lot of other inexplicable things too, if you must know. I'd rather not talk about it.