Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenix

Was it worth standing in line with teenagers dressed like Harry Potter?
Was it worth being laughed at for seeing the midnight showing?
Was it worth $10.25?


For fans of the movie series this stacks up to the rest its not too long and has tons of good things to see.

For those of us who love the books this is a fair representation of JKR's longest book. The screenwriter gets kudos in my book for cramming a lot of information in and still making it a fun show.

They took a couple liberties with the story line but I'm ok with it. I've been worried because Percy Weasly has an important role in the book and thus far in the films it's like he doesn't exist. He finally got screen time and for those of us who know who he is it was nice to see him.

I really enjoyed the film and won't be surprised if I watch it again.

HOwever... it's rated PG13 and I think it was quite scary so watch the little ones!


Anonymous said...

Hi Terri,

Saw it this morning and I loved it too. I'm a totally Harry freak and can't wait for the book. I do hope he lives. I like the happy endings.

Glad you liked it too!

Deb O.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah...

My kids loved it, but I had read them the book, so no biggie. Ages 7 and 10. DJ didn't like the dementors, but everything else was cool.

Deb (again)