Thursday, July 19, 2007


Doing the right thing isnt always easy.  Ive started a revised food plan (under doctor’s supervision) that isnt a diet or any sort of named eating regimen, heck, Im not counting calories.  This is six small meals per day, 60-90 grams of protein (which is A LOT), no processed sugar, good carbs (whole grain), fruits, veggies and cheese, but:


I had already eliminated the carbonated soda I will miss mineral water but not as much as the damned caffeine.  I didnt think I was drinking that much a coffee in the morning, and then a few cups of hot tea throughout the day. Apparently I was wrong, my head hurts like I slept under the wheels of a bus last night.  Sadly, Im going to have to pick up a different habit like Cocaine or Meth to get me through.

Using meth could be a bonus Ill save a ton of money on dental work once my teeth fall out.  Theres no down side!

I’m going camping next week so only the wild animals will have to hear the gnashing of my teeth, by the time I return to civilization I should be fully detoxed.

First the non-diet and the next thing youll know Ill be working out.  Bwahahahahaah

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MWR said...

I recently got back on the Omega Diet (my take on it, anyway) after threatening to do so for several years, and I'm excited (for me) about the prospects for my health, self-image, etc. To date, I have not missed my Cheez-its much, but it's early. Good luck with your new thing. Might be time for a trip to World Spice on Western for some herb mixes to introduce more interest to mundane foods -- Israeli zahtar would be a good place to start. Just a random thought.