Monday, July 02, 2007

You gotta love technology

Nope, you won't get any scathing comments from tpGal about the Scooter Libby thing... do I think Bush is unhinged and wholly without a thought in his head other than what's good for him and his friends? YES. Will you hear me complain about it? NO! (what!?)

Rather than go into a tirade about Bush and his circle of friends I wanted to say how great things like Instant Messenger are. My dearest brother is doing time in Texas before he spends a year in Iraq (wow, sounds like prison) and he's able to have IM and Video Chats with his wife. That will help ease the time away.

When he was there the first time - you know in 1991 (grrrrr) all we had was letters... like snail mail. I'll send those too because frankly I'm a fun person to get mail from, but the IM situation is awesome! Thanks Mr. Gore for the Internet!

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