Monday, July 09, 2007

Potter Frenzy

Ooh, what an exciting week we're about to have. The Order of the Phoenix (TOOTP) opens Tuesday at 11:58 pm and the last book The Deathly Hallows (TDH) arrives on the 17th.

I actually have tickets for TOOTP and will be at the show with Becky, Durf & Craig - we're nutty. This was my favorite book, I liked that he started to teach others, he got a little action, the twins were a total hoot, and the Ron/Hermie thing is starting to take wings.

I am a tad tired of the whole "Harry doesn't know the whole story and gets into hot water because he's making assumptions" thing. Its a little too "Days of Our Lives" for my taste - but I'm hooked so what am I going to do about it?

This really should be the best movie yet. I'm thankful that the same actors are coming back to finish the series. Yes, they may not be even close to the age of the book Harry/Ron/Herm I am willing to accept it, more so than I would a new "Harry."

Then... as soon as I'm rested TDH will arrive on my door. I will refrain from calling in sick to finish it but will need to steer clear of others until I'm done.

Here are my pre-read predictions (stop reading here if you haven't finished the last book):

I believe that by the end of the book that Snape will prove himself to be the trusted soul that the dear departed Dumbledore believed him to be. In the end he will give his life to save Harry.

Harry will join (or at least be offered a position) with the Auruors regardless of finishing his final year at Hogwarts or not.


MWR said...

Something is surely wrong with the franchise when I can't be sure how many films there have been or whether I have seen them all. I have seen

- the first one
- the one where he fights a giant snake underground
- the one with the annoying "house elf" or whatever
- the one where they were time traveling or something and watched their other selves do something (I'm thinking these last two were the same movie)

Please help. Did I miss one?

CLD said...

I also think Snape will prove to be good and will sacrifice himself for Harry. I think Snape and Dumbledore agreed long ago that, should the need arise, Snape would kill Dumbledore (so as not to blow his cover as a Voldemort follower). I am not sure who else will die, but a lot of people I have spoken with think it will be one of the 3 main characters.

I'm SO excited for the last book! And the movie... :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Snape is good. He'll help Harry, possibly sacrificing himself. Wormtail will come into play with his life debt, too.

I hope Harry will live, but if one of the trio is going to die, it will be him.