Saturday, July 14, 2007

My iPhone's world tour

I still haven't received my iPhone yet, but it's on it's way. I'm happily tracking it on the FexEx Track site.

It shipped from Shenzhen CN on Wednesday and arrived in Anchorage on Friday. I didn't know that Apple had manufacturing plants in Northern Canada, but maybe the NAFTA thing made it really economical. A quick search on Google Maps improved my knowledge of geography just a little. Shenzhen is in Eastern China. (The CN should have been a clue, but to be honest I haven't sent much mail to China.) Shenzhen is currently home to the worlds 8th tallest building. (Cool!)

I was thinking from Anchorage it would be a quick hop down into Seattle and I would have my phone by Monday. FedEx has a different plan.

My phone flew east from Alaska to Indianapolis where it spent ten hours where I'm sure it stopped at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum.

At 11am this morning, it hopped a flight to Memphis to take a whirlwind tour of Graceland before catching the next flight at 3:10. I'm hopeful that Tom Hanks isn't on the same plane. He seems to be bad luck.

The next stop on this journey is unknown. I'm thinking Cancun or maybe Havana.

I was at the mall today and was briefly tempted to buy a phone and simply reject the one in transit, but decided to wait. My need for instant gratification must be ignored.

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