Friday, July 13, 2007

tp gal crushed by a ton of bricks

I thought for sure I had the worst cold. I've had a sore throat and an cough for a few weeks. I've been medicating with some Day-Qyl in an attempt to make it through the days.

During my fence building adventure in Eastern Washington the symptoms started to go away and I was feeling better. I'm sure it wasn't the restful sleep.

I thought I was over it but the morning after I arrived back in the city my symptoms were back and then it hit me - Allergies! Duh!

Since then I've been taking Benadryl and feeling fine.

Do allergies get worse as you get ... dare I say "older"? I don't recall having allergies as a kid.

My sweet brother has them: dust, grass, and pollen. He spent a blissful summer in a freakishly clean house and got to avoid yard work. My parents caught him outside in the yard smoking the house went back to its normal state of 'clean' and he was told if he could tolerate smoking he could tolerate mowing the lawn.

Oh well, now that I've got the symptoms beat I'm a happy gal. Benadryl puts some folks to sleep but I can function pretty well on it - although I have been falling asleep on the bus on the way home from work. It could be the warm weather, but I caught myself snoring today. HORRORS... the public open mouthed nap. It's not a pretty sight I'm sure.

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MWR said...

There are plenty of non-drowsy options these days. Claritin, for example.

Apparently you can suddenly develop allergies to new things, though it's never happened to me that I know of. Someone always has some apocryphal story about how they always loved crab and then one day it almost killed them--and I mean ordinary cooked dungeness crab, not some kind of mutated 8-foot-tall crab.

And look at things like lactose intolerance and that gluten business. Everyone our age who has those problems seems to have developed them sometime during adulthood (often after reading a book, column or internet forum ;) )