Thursday, August 05, 2010

10 things that are good about working at home:

1) The short commute.

2) The dress code.  My first meeting this morning was conducted while I was still in my pj's.

3) The cafeteria : my food, at my schedule

4) Multi-tasking.  I had a 2 hour educational conference call today.  The security analyst talked for two hours on an interesting topic and I listened and learned, but I also got to take a moment in my lovely bathtub.  He was talking about load balancers and firewalls while I deep conditioned my hair.  Do THAT at your cubicle.

5) Being home to sign for UPS packages.

6) Hearing the Blue Angels practice.  (That's not an everyday thing... it is a summer thing)

7) Lunch al back yardo.  Yes, when I was downtown lunch on the patio at the Cantina was fun, but my pb&j on my patio is a glorious thing.

8) Laundry.  I love that I can get all the laundry done on Monday or Wednesday and not have to mess around with it on the weekends or in the evening. 

9) Musak.  I control the music selection and can play it at a level that works for me.

10) Office Gossip.  I am blissfully separated from the office gossip.  I don't have to get involved or hear about the rumors of who is sleeping with whom.  I'm out of the loop, but the gossip I don't miss.


RisibleGirl said...

Yeah, but what I want to know is did you hear me at the front desk at my doctor's office? I was listening to it on the drive to and wait for the cardiologist. I took it off speaker and put it on my headphones when I got out of the car and didn't realize it wasn't still on mute.

There I was giving out all my bidnezz at the front desk and I heard top dog say, "can you please mute your phone?" I wanted to crawl in a hole.

tp_gal said...

I heard it, but it wasn't obvious who it was.