Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Friday Friday

Molly Dooker
A favorite wine.
We have been go go go since I can't remember when.  Thankfully, Jason is on call this weekend so we weren't able to plan any out of town activities.  We get to have at home date night this evening and are hanging with the very pregnant Chelsey & Doug tomorrow.  We were told to be at their house from 5:00 to 5:30 - so I'm guessing we could go to a movie or something at 6.

Our day for tomorrow sounds exciting (to me).  We're going to our favorite wine store to drool and fawn over the wine maker of a favorite wine and to move the new Walla Walla wine into the storage unit and move out some of the stuff that needs to be in rotation.

I'm aware that I'm not drinking wine right now, but that doesn't mean that this wine rotation, and winemaker fawning event isn't necessary and won't be fun.   I will not always be on the wagon and we must be prepared.

We will also restock our fridge.  It is quite barren in our food stores because before vacation I refused to buy anything and did a rather brutal thinning of old(ish) things.  Items like mustard, which technically doesn't go bad, but expired in December got the boot.  Along with some aged jam, and a few things that were tucked way in the back.  We've only lived here 10 months, but food will hide in order to avoid the trash bin.

The being on call thing is kind of a hassle, especially at 6am when Puerto Rico needs assistance, but since he's only on call once in a blue moon and it counts as overtime (new shoes!!!) I roll with the punches. 

So, it will be a low key weekend, we'll likely watch some movies (The Green Zone) and stay up too late on the couch... it should be wacky married people fun.

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