Thursday, August 26, 2010

oh we're so organized

Those of you who have been married, cohabiting or managing multiple schedules in one household get my praise for your organizational skills.  We are still working it out.

We're using Google calendar to keep our lives in order and have just worked out how to keep things sane.  We have Jason's calendar, TP's calendar, the Birthdays & Anniversaries and finally the Langdenrerserfers Family events all presented in one nifty spot.

Now we can easily identify which items are personal, which are "command" events and which are the "oh look, we're ignoring Aaron Matthew's birthday today.   Actually, Aaron Matthew is someone I've never met and his birthday is Sept 7th, but I wouldn't have known that without our new organization tool.

I likely will never dump the wall calendar as I think it is a fun record of our life over the year.  Mostly that calendar shows people who come to dinner or when we're headed to someone's house, or visits, trips, significant events like ultrasounds and parties. It doesn't show the business stuff like when the phone bill is due or trash day... those go on the electronic calendar because they are boring and I don't want to see them while I work.

Speaking of boring... this blog is pretty bad. Sorry.

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