Friday, August 27, 2010

Yowza... that's some creative writing!

It's the last two comments that made Mr. Bell, my beloved high
school English teacher, roll over in his grave.

There are some possibilities for fictionary words here:
NOTMINDE: a drunken way to say "I'm ok if you do that." 

YEARD:  A lawn so big it takes 12 months to mow.

TROUIST:  A person dedicated to pants, from the root trouser.

HAPPEY:  What happens to a puppy when it is excited and you pick it up.  "Oh damn, that dog just happied all over my shirt."

TURISTY:  The technical term for bad masterbation skills.  "Sorry Timmy, you can't be in our circle jerk anymore, you are turisty for us and you are making a mess."

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