Monday, August 23, 2010

They call me Mr. Sleeps ALONE!

Have you ever had something rolling around in your brain that seems totally sane and reasonable and then you say it out loud and the ridiculousness of it makes you laugh?

Sometimes Jason & I share the wacky dreams that night time brings us.  Mostly it is me with the stories as his "record" button never seems to be on.  He's aware that he was dreaming, but when he wakes up whatever the story was is gone.

I want my own damn room!
I'm not so lucky. Sometimes my dreams are my brain working out the real life issues, such as the baby dream I just had.  But others make no sense whatsoever.  Saturday night I dreamed that I owned a rather large victorian mansion and it was filled with all sorts of relatives and people who were living with me. The house needed some work and I was approached by one tenant who wasn't happy about his living arrangements.  Apparently, Sidney Poitier didn't like sharing a room with two teenage boys. The room was kind of shabby with a single nice bed for Mr. Poitier and two mattresses on the floor for the boys.  Frankly, I wouldn't have like it either, the boys were slobs.

I decided to put up a wall and create a separate living space for Mr. Poitier, but in doing so noticed that through a doorway was an entire other living area so we just moved him into that much larger, more luxurious space. Problem solved.  I'm glad I could be of help.

As I started to tell this story to Jason tears of laughter started to stream down my face.  Why on earth would I dream about Sidney Poitier's sleeping arrangements?  Why would he be renting a room at my house?  Don't you think he has some funds tucked away?

The baby dreams make sense - can I handle a baby, is a baby really coming...but I'm pretty sure Sidney Poitier is not coming for dinner let alone a sleep over.

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