Monday, January 10, 2011

App Man

My beloved has transitioned from spending all of his iTunes holiday gift cards on music to applications for the iPhone and iPad.  He waits for them to go on sale and then announces with glee what he has purchased.

I am the beneficiary of these games because whatever he gets, I get.  I have been enjoying Suduko, Angry Birds and a "hunt and find" game called Rosecliff.  He has been spending a lot of time lately with a game called Flight Control.  The premise is that you have to land airplanes and helicopters safely by selecting a flight path that does not intersect with other incoming aircraft in your airspace.  (It's a math thing)  He LOVES it and has been using our down time to better his score.   I got this message from him after his lunch break today:

On a personal note, my record has been 69 planes landed, and I have been having trouble beating that score; but today I was on fire and landed 106 planes before the tragic death of 478 people after the collision of a loaded 747 and 737 occurred over the Outback of Australia.

I'm sure he felt the loss of every one of those souls.  In fact here is the email exchange that occurred after that message came in.

Me:    I'm sorry, that made me laugh...  I love you

Jason:  I'm glad you love me, I don't think the families of those 478 people of the plane crash in Australia share your same feelings.


PNB Dave said...

I'm home sick today with a cough and a very sore throat, and this post just made me laugh, hard, resulting in a coughing fit. Add me to the families of those 478 people who do not love either of you. Now I'm going to go gargle with Chloraseptic.

Jason said...

I'm so sorry Dave, but Flight Control is not to be taken lightly!

RisibleGirl said...

I'm SO addicted to Angry Birds! I tell myself, "self, you MUST go to bed, but you can do one more level" in an endless loop for hours,

PNB Dave said...

The comic strip "Monty" had a funny riff on Angry Birds last week.