Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whassup World!

Is it the end of the middle of the day on Tuesday already?  Yesterday was a work holiday and like all expectant moms I used the day to relax and catch up on my Dexter episodes.  (There's nothing like a little murder in the afternoon to honor the memory of Dr. King.)  editI mean, tv fake murder, not like the actual murder of Dr. King, which was a travesty.  Sheesh, that sounded terrible.

I felt a little guilty for not using every waking minute on something productive, but since our days of lounging around in squishy pants (pj's and sweats) are numbered it felt really great.

I did hang out in the baby room a little and put away the wonderful things give to us at the family baby shower held Saturday night. A load of baby laundry has been completed and those little shirts and pants have been folded and put away.  So cute!

The shower was a co-ed affair with beer, margaritas and football.  There were traditional games played, but our hostesses made the men in our crowd participate.  In fact, we girls didn't have to do anything but watch.  It was great!  The men were paired up, blind folded and then made to diaper a "baby" with cloth diapers and actual pins.  Cousin Scott gave a pint of blood during his turn.

In addition to the handy things in life that we'll need we were given some adorable clothes.  I do love all things pink, but it was refreshing to get some purple, green, orange and even black clothing for our little Peanut.  She'll have some chic things to burp up on!

Sunday we made it to church and then watched most of the Seahawks game.  I feel badly that I didn't blog about how they had no chance in hell of winning.  That really seemed to work for them against New Orleans.  For those of you with broken hearts I say to you, better luck next year.

Marty & Scott blind diapering
Other than that... we watched movies.  We're an exciting married couple.  We dined in, watched tv... we did get a car washed.  That was pretty thrilling.  Of course, it wasn't MY car so a big "whatever" is in order.

One fun thing, we're planning a Long Beach weekend in the summer. We've reserved a 'cabin' and are going with a large group.  Cabin is misleading because it's a 4 bedroom house that was built maybe 5 years ago.  I'm jazzed about getting to share "my" Long Beach with the group that's going.

Scott's baby with bandaid after blind diapering
Since my vacation time this year will be limited I'm happy to have something on the books that I'm looking forward to. Yes, I get 6 weeks off, but from what I can tell based on the reading I won't be doing a lot of "lounging" around during that time frame.  It seems that Miss Lucy will actually require care and feeding on a pretty frequent basis.

I guess that's about it for now.   Since yesterday was a "day off" from work, there is a lot of activity happening on the employment side of my desk, so I should get back to it.

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