Monday, January 31, 2011

One day at a time

Feeling much better.  Still not hungry, but I forced myself to eat lunch as the baby needs nourishment.

I did shower and get dressed in real clothes.  Yesterday I went from my sleepy outfit to clean pj's to and yet other set of clean pj's for bed. Exciting.  I felt pretty good yesterday but had a couple sessions in the restroom with the throwing up.

Today, at almost 3pm I'm happy to say that there has been no vomiting (or the other issue) and I've been able to focus on work all day (until now that is.)

I'm hopeful that I'll be able to leave the house today.  I have no agenda but am kind of sick of these walls. 

The only lingering effects are very sore ribs, a house that didn't get any attention over the weekend and I feel like I want to take a nap every time I do the stairs.  Part of the stair exhaustion is simply the breathing issue, but that's the baby not my virus.    We did pack the hospital bag yesterday, which only took me an hour to pull together 1 set of clean loose clothing, 2 pairs of socks, lip balm and my toiletries (which were already put together)

I'm so thankful that this event didn't occur next Friday or the baby shower that's taking place here Saturday would be a total bust (and really not a safe place for my lovely lady friends.)

Sometime over the next 5 days there has to be a housecleaning and while I'm jazzed that Friday is a housekeeper day, we must remember she only does the kitchen, floors and two bathrooms.  Picking up the blankets and sweaters and sock debris from the tv areas are my own responsibility.  (boo hoo)  Damn my inability to carry a pile of items back to their homes on each trek up the stairs. 

No matter, Jas will help with the house organization and chair movement to the family room.  He doesn't want a gaggle of my friends to think we never sort the mail (we don't but no one needs to see the pile on the kitchen island.)

That's it for now, thanks for your concern and we'll be back to baby watch 2011 shortly.

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