Friday, January 07, 2011


I'm not sure what I'm more excited about, a weekend with no commitments (other than the hospital tour tomorrow morning) or that my icky rash (see the other blog for gory details) has really gotten better.  I slept very well last night all things (potty breaks) considered.

I know we, as residents of the pacific northwest, should be prepping our Seahawks gear and logging onto Stubhub to get tickets to the big game, but I'm unimpressed.  I will be a not-so-quiet naysayer and say that I think anyone with dreams of going all the way with THIS team is may about to experience what it feels like to be a WSU fan.

I will say that I think football playoffs are a lot more to the point than NBA and Baseball.  Best of 7? What is that all about?    I like the lose once and you're out concept.  Sure, sitting through multiple baseball games during a championship run is fun, but best of 7... seriously?  

My mom is excited about the game and I appreciate her enthusiasm.  I also appreciate that she's not at my house in her Blue and Turquoise gear screaming at my tv.  Although, mom - there are tickets to the game to be had.  You could drive over and go... I'm just saying. 

In the boring category, I've started pulling together our information for taxes.  I'm going to try to do our 2010 taxes myself with the aid of TurboTax.  I've been compiling our receipts and find it depressing how much we dine out week after week.  I'm sure that Lucy will put a dent in that, with the portability issue and the loss of a chunk of disposable income toward child care.  Home cookin' will be just fine I'm sure.

I have no earth shattering news, so this will be my post for today.  Have a great weekend!

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