Saturday, August 04, 2007

I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry

Can a movie about two straight guys who pretend to be gay to solve an insurance problem be at all funny? Wouldn't you expect it to be insulting and rude? The answer to both questions is yes.

The convenient movie time drove the selection of this particular flick. It's hard to find a movie that starts at 8. You either have to rush through dinner to get to a 7pm show or wait around for the 9pm showings.

Anywho... Chuck & Larry (Kevin James & Adam Sandler) is ultimately about changing preconceived notions about people, and friendship and love (blah blah blah.)

They aren't able to shy away from the juvenile "f*g" jokes, but they do attribute those jokes to moronic assholes. It's a cheap way to be able to make the soap on a rope joke and still be about acceptance. That ploy was very transparent.

There were some very funny bits and while my companions were surprised I wasn't ha-ha-ing in the obvious spots there were a couple times where the humor was brilliant and truly made me laugh.

I'm pretty sure the gay and lesbian community won't be running out to hold this movie up as the cultural equivalent of the womens suffrage movement. However at the end of the day, as Adam Sandler movies go... this was pretty harmless.

Kudos to Rob Cordry for a very nice send up of the asshole "man of God" who goes to funerals of gays with the "f*gs will burn in hell" signs.

Bottom Line: matinée or HBO

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