Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Whoa I'm cruising towards middle age... (ah, denial such a pretty place to visit) I wonder when I'm going to start feeling "mature"?

So, here's the funny thing. Usually I'm all up in arms about my birthday and it almost never meets my expectations. So, no matter how wonderful my people are I'm a whiny spoiled child who is pouty because my sense of self worth is out of whack. This year however, I wanted a low key kind of birthday. Not because it's the last year of my 30's or because it means that my chances of finding mister right and getting married are smaller than the likelihood that I'm the next big lotto winner, but because there's bigger more important stuff going on and it doesn't have to be about ME all the time.

Long story short - didn't mention the birthday to anyone at work and I'm the birthday faerrie at the office so I was set. However, Becky sends the prettiest flowers on Monday with a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" balloon.

Tuesday, Janie and I have a lunch date which I was super excited about. I get off the elevator totally anticipating her usual "embarrass tp gal" antics and what do I see? Not only is she smack dab in the middle of the main lobby with a giant balloon bouquet, but she's got both kids, her husband and our friend Robert who lives in Miami. They were holding signs and made a huge fuss. I was so excited to see everybody that I forgot to be embarrassed. I did the happy dance across the lobby to pass out hugs and kisses to everyone. We took the balloons up to my office and Janie insisted on taping the signs to the exterior of my "office." I'm a good sport and the signs will stay up until 4pm tomorrow just as she would want it.

Later that day, mom and dad's super pretty flowers arrived. People are so smart not to send them on the actual day (Thursday) but early in the week so I can enjoy them.

So, while I didn't want to be the center of the world at work, I certainly am. People I've never seen before are popping their heads in to wish me a happy birthday. I've given up explaining that it isn't until Thursday - but I still blush every single time. Those of you who know me know that blushing isn't in my normal routine.

Big huge gracious thank yous to Becky and Janice for going totally over the top and making my week a lovely one. I am sincerely touched and grateful for having you in my life.

That goes for the rest of you too. I am a very lucky gal! (Dang, who watched a hallmark channel marathon tonight?)

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CLD said...

Happy belated birthday!! It sounds like it was a great one. :)