Monday, August 06, 2007

Reading Is Fun

So I'm accidentally reading three books right now. That doesn't happen to me very often, I like to start and finish one before I start another.

I'm reading Saving the World by Julia Alvarez - so far very interesting. Two women, one in modern day and the other ages and ages ago. This one is going back and forth to work every day and should be wrapped up soon.

Chesil Beach is a short little book by the author that brought us Atonement (wonderful). It's in the dining room and gets a few pages a day.

Emma was pulled from the bookshelf during my write up of the movie Becoming Jane and I started to read it and now it's on the night stand.

I don't know what I'm going to do when the book club book arrives this week along with the three other books I happened to throw in for good measure.

Someday I hope all the time I've spend in these novels will come to some good. Maybe it's only to steer you away from books that I've read that you shouldn't. Beware of paperback books covered in praise for an authors previous book. That is never a good sign. The rule does not hold true for hardbacks - it's a crap shoot at that point. I'm hesitant to publicly slam the latest "worst book I've ever read" winner as my attempts at fiction are juvenile at best. Let me just say this... the Lovely Bones was wonderful and I highly recommend it. That would be my comment on the back of any new title by the author that I may have read.

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