Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm RICH!!!

Starbucks announced for the first time ever they will be issuing a 10 cent per share dividend. OH MY GOLLY, I am so excited that I have held on to my shares. They have been sitting in my Fidelity account and change in value over the years, they are up they are down. Every now and then at the annual shareholders meeting they send their prospectus with a free coffee coupon. That has been thrilling, but now this!

What will I do with my dividends? Oh crap, I live in a community property state so I have to share my new found wealth with my husband. He's pretty reasonable and I'm sure I can turn my our dividends into something useful, like.. Oh I don't know. What can you do with the dividends for five shares?

I know I can get:

1) A postage stamp

2) A Seattle Times daily newspaper

3) A shitty store brand can of cola

4) two small gumballs

I'm sure it will come in check form so the act of driving to the bank will negate the influx of cash, but if I had a thousand shares I could really do something with it.

Way to go Starbucks!


PNB Dave said...

Holy shit! Ten cents per share of SBUX? I can get (does quick mental calculation) ALMOST HALF OF A STARBUCKS VENTI MOCHA! WOO HOO!!!!

tp_gal said...


I have 5 shares, not 25. A venti mocha is about $4.75 and my dividend will allow me to add an additional shot of espresso into that sugar bomb and that's about it.