Monday, March 01, 2010

...and here's the always enjoyable giant inflatable beaver!

Last night during the Olympic closing ceremonies the Canadians pulled out all things Canadian - Michael Buble, Michael J. Fox, William Shatner and the 30 foot tall Canadian Mountie doll fit for Macy's Thanksgiving parade.

After the creepy Mounties and hockey players were wheeled around the stadium floor out came a more disturbing site. Brown, inflatable beavers.

Bob Costas, who was there because he a) lost a bet or b) NBA hates us as a nation was attempting to provide a narrative. I almost choked on my Girl Scout Thin Mint when he said

"...and here's the always enjoyable giant inflatable beaver."

There are many many Americans who have dirty minds and Bob you play right into them. I hope the line makes it into your retirement reel Bob! It was a winner

Thank you for calling our attention to the inflatable hairy beaver in the room.

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