Friday, March 12, 2010

it was of course, wonderful!

Book group last night was delightful! We discussed the book for quite a while but there was a lot of catching up and some great lessons learned:

1) If your nanny says or implies you are a bad mother it is A-OK to fire them!
2) You may, for a period of time, have to give up your dreams of a clean and tidy house while you are raising little people.
3) The appropriate answer to "Are you going to have kids?" can be "We had sex this morning so I'll give you a call in a month and let you know."
4) It is OK to cry when your 7 year old pops off with "Only daddies do hard work". Someday they will KNOW how hard it was to let them live through that moment.
5) When you are hard core pissed at your partner person try with all your might not to say things you can't take back. TRY!
6) If you can't go all in on the save the earth front, don't try at all. If you can't compost, buy locally, organic, walk or bike everywhere, and generate your own energy then F*ck It! Hummers for Everyone!

And, for the record. If our hostesses daughter starts using the f-bomb it wasn't me who dropped it TWICE in front of those sweet small ears!

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