Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Vacations & Planning

We are solidly into March now and the planning for 2010 vacations is underway. We had been talking about a trip to Orlando, or even Hawaii when we were invited to go camping with one of J’s cousins this summer.

To be honest, I am SUPER excited about it and totally over thinking the preparation. We will be a week on the Snake River near Clarkston, Wa. During college at WSU we played at the Snake River a lot and August is a fantastic time to go. The weather should be warm, the river will be swimmable and I think it will be a blast.

Where I’m stressing out a little bit is over the planning food for a week thing. Growing up my mom took care of the food situation while camping and I remember her doing lots and lots of work. I don’t feel the pressure to come up with the wonderful camping food that she did, but I don’t think pancakes are all that hard to do.

Jas’ says not to worry that the people we are going with are pros and that we’ll likely be responsible for a dinner or two and everything else will work out. I’m thinking we don’t have a camper or a fridge so keeping lunch stuff cool for 5 days will be hard.

We did get the MAXX COLD cooler at Costco last weekend (and a life vest for me) because it is camping season at Costco. The cooler is huge and should help us keep things reasonably safe while we’re out an d about.

At the end of what I hope is 6 days of living in swimsuits and shorts we will be leaving the river for a long weekend in Walla Walla with friends. I’m planning on taking a hermetically sealed selection of clothes for that last portion of our vacation so we don’t stink like forest fire at the wineries. It will be nice not to have to drive back & forth to Walla Walla in three days, but I’m so thankful that our friends are willing to do it.

An Orlando trip later in the year sounds like fun and it is still a possibility but I want to wait to see what happens with employment. Camping I’m willing to commit to without knowing exactly if I’m hired or unemployed on April 1. Luckily, I won’t have to wait for long. (fingers crossed. I’m excited about the work and even the team.)

That’s about it I guess. I’m looking forward to coming home tomorrow and even more looking forward to two weeks in a row at home.

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Hells Canyon said...

Hawaii is nice, but we are happy to hear you'll be visiting our area!

It sounds like you have some great friends here in Clarkston making certain you have everything you need but if we can help, we'd love to hear from you.

We post a lot of information about regional events and specials on our Facebook page, if you're interested :)

Be sure to drop in our office and say hello when you get here!