Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No soapbox lecture today

Sorry gang, today has been a full day.  My work flow has kicked in and I am thrilled to report that a steady stream of work is headed my way. More news on that topic in the next couple weeks.

On the home front, my roommate is miserable with allergies and was up from 2am until 5 am last night trying to breathe.  He stayed home from work today and did a bang up job of keeping up with his own work emergencies and staying out of my way.   It is both nice and strange to have someone home during the day while I sit in the office.
He's doing what all people who call in sick from work should do, he's camped out on the couch and watching the mindless tv that he likes.  Right now I hear an old version of Deadliest Catch but earlier there were cartoons.  He showered and took me to lunch but the last time I walked by him he was in sweat pants again.

I wish I could help, but only a reduction in pollen counts will get him back on his feet.  I have a feeling we will both be going to bed early on this St. Patrick's Day.  There will be no green beer and I'm not a huge fan of corned beef, so I won't be cooking it.  We will likely have a low key dinner and watch a movie.  Ah, the life of newlyweds.

Speaking of...Friday marks our 6 month wedding anniversary.  Our fun wedding seems like it was so long ago.  We are still waiting on our official wedding photos but that is equally our fault and the fact that our photographer is the official police photographer for the City of Lakewood and he was quite busy with the torrent of shootings in our area.

The "official" wedding book has been ordered and is in production and I'm hopeful we'll get to see proofs soon.  I do love the shutterfly book I created, but I can't wait to see what he comes up with.
Since it is spring I am in the mood to entertain again and have been reaching out to people to schedule gatherings.  It is a fun and frustrating activity.  How did we all get so busy?

Speaking of busy.. my work email calls.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

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