Monday, March 22, 2010

A productive & frugal weekend

How nice the first weekend of spring was! 

Mom & Dad popped over Friday to pick up the grandpa tables and while we didn't get to visit it was good fun to pack their truck and trailer with these pieces of furniture that have been around a while.  I know it kills my dad to watch Mom and I work out things like the bungee cord  placement and not be able to get out and do it himself.  They got home in one piece so I assume our work was acceptable.

Jas came home with 6 month anniversary flowers that are very pretty and adorning the dining room table and a few on my desk.  We debated going out to dinner but instead cooked one of our favorites (pork cutlets) and opened a VERY nice bottle of wine.  Heck, we even ate in the "formal" dining room.

Saturday we were up early to have breakfast before I met Yumi for a hike.  It was a crisp and clear morning, ideal for a hike.  I forget that these activities are not off the option list anymore and once Jason can breathe again we'll be out there together.  Once I arrived back at home we did some yard work and then attacked the storage unit.  We took the unwanted items to their final resting place and then loaded the truck with my great grandmothers table.  I love this table but it doesn't quite work in our home.  Luckily, Jas' second cousin is starting out again and was excited about getting the table.  Yesterday we took it to her parents house so they could store it until she has her new house situation worked out.  I'm happy it will still be around and that she loves it too. 

I am also thrilled to not have a storage unit charge anymore.  I have been paying for extra storage since before I put my condo up for sale last year at this time.  Keeping your things in storage is like adding $145 to their purchase price every month.  It can be a necessary expense but I'm delighted to be free of it. 

Saturday evening, we continued the trend and made dinner again and enjoyed junky tv for the evening.  We were on the fence about going out but then stopped by the local veggie stand that has an organic meat market attached to it and we scored some fresh hot Italian sausage and beautiful tomatoes and onions.  We made a pasta that was so good I wanted to lick the plate.  Fresh herbs would have been divine, but we suffered through with our new dried herbs that we were given at the holidays.

Sunday we were in church bright and early and instead of going out we came home and made ourselves eggs.  I'm not quite sure if we're being frugal or if we're just trying to buck our dining out habit, but I'm happy with our choices this weekend.  Buying meat at the organic stand is far more expensive than at Costco, but it is cheaper than a meal for two plus wine at most of our normal haunts.

Golly, with the transition from consultant to captive employee eminent, the frugal trend is a good choice.  Oh, did I spill the beans on that?  I have a verbal offer on the table and am excited about the transition. It is less money, but more stable. Yeah.

Sunday, after we got home from the cousins house we spent more time with the tv - the new show "LIFE" is pretty amazing.  I'm sure it is one that will end up in our dvd collection.

I'm off to San Jose again tomorrow but don't know when I'll have to go back.  The new work is pretty easy to do from my little home office, but we'll see. I'm sure the need to be down there will pick up as the year goes on.  I don't see my frequent flyer card going away anytime soon.  blar

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