Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Weekend

Jason's employer gives the back office folk the Friday before Easter off as the stores are closed on Easter Sunday. We flew to Denver to spend the long weekend with his mom and dad. It was a nice weekend considering the dark news of Thursday morning.

I truly felt lost Thursday. There were plenty of phone calls between friends, but the need to do something was pressing. I entertained myself on my "day off" between my consulting gig and the start of employment (today) by going shopping.

You know, I've never realized how many people lightly ask "how are you today?" during the course of the day. I know these folks are just doing the standard greeting to welcome you into their store or where ever, but when you have to remind yourself to lie it's an odd thing.

After a while of wandering around shops (and picking up a cute dress for the wedding we're headed to this summer) I went home to sit in my quiet house.

Our flight was uneventful, but we did get upgraded to first class which is nice because of the extra room and the early boarding. The free cocktails don't hurt either.

Upon arrival into Denver and the parents basement we were excited to find the newly acquired bed waiting for us. The old guest bed had a significant dip in the middle and was challenging to sleep on. This new guy was perfect. I felt bad about complaining about the guest bed, but damn... it sucked.

Friday we had a task to install two new computers in the home office of Jason's dad. It was a pretty quick operation with both of us hooking things up, installing software and removing the power cords from under the desks of long gone computer equipment.

The moving of data took quite a bit longer and all throughout the weekend Jason would disappear into the office to "finish something up" and I think he'd still be there if it weren't for our flight last night. He is a patient person but I think even he was getting tired of the never ending project.

Once the bulk of the computer labor (that I could help with) was done, Jas' Mom and I went to get our toes painted. It is a happy activity that should have resulted in light pink "Easter Toes" but I found a sparkly red paint that was calling my name. My toes are not church worthy, but instead are "sassy"!

Friday night we went out to BoneFish for dinner. I had the most amazing rainbow trout and was sad that I had eaten too much of the Boom Boom Shrimp appetizer and wasn't able to do too much damage to my dinner. WHEN WILL I LEARN???

Saturday morning was all about the computer again, but we did go out for breakfast. Our server was Jesus, and normally I would not mention it because I'm aware it is a very common Hispanic name, but on Easter weekend... I can't let it go. I would have thought that after the terrible events of "Good Friday" that Jesus would get the day off Saturday. I guess not, but it is nice to know that in addition to that whole water into wine trick, Jesus also brings extra bacon!

In the afternoon we went into downtown and explored the Denver Art Museum. This was a trip made especially for me, but I think they all had fun too. The modern art is always a bit hard to appreciate for the folks who love traditional paintings.

That night we met a group at the local Bucca di Beppo and had a fun and loud dinner in the Pope's room. (Heck, it is Easter weekend, there must be a theme.) As you can see, John gets into the role of the family patriarch.

Somehow, my MIL and I got out of Easter Mass Sunday morning and we spent our free time packing (me) and prepping dinner (mostly her) while the fellas did their churchly duty. I think my buddy Jason would have stayed home too if there was another kid in the house to go with dad... but such is the burden of being an only child.

We opened wonderful wine from the collection and savored a roast. Jason and I headed back to the airport at 3 and were home by 7:30. It was a nice weekend and we slept well while in Denver, but I fell asleep while watching tv (in bed) and Jason had to take my glasses off for me, and we both slept like the dead last night. There's something wonderful about your own home.

It's going to be a busy week. I've got book club tomorrow (need to finish the book) and Kristina's memorial service is Wednesday. Friday we have symphony tickets and this weekend... we sleep again.

Take care, talk with you soon. Happy Monday.

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tp_gal said...

I've been informed that the shrimp at BoneFish are called "Bang Bang Shrimp" and not "boom boom".

This also came with a question: "isn't boom boom a cutesy way of saying 'poop'?"

Um... not in my world.