Thursday, April 08, 2010

How'd it go?

Funerals are generally somber and unfun, you can be assured that someone will cry and there will be a glowing description of the legacy the person left behind or how richly they lived their life.  Kristina's funeral was all of that and it was also peppered with funny moments, including an admission by Pastor Kirby that he had her name all wrong during Kristina & Bill's wedding ceremony but that her young sons corrected him (loud enough for the whole congregation to hear.)

It was touching that both of her sons spoke.  They were remarkable considering they are 18 and 17.  I'm not sure I could do it and I'm at least 25. (shh)   The oldest talked about how proud his mom was of his brother and little sister and the youngest talked about her fierce hugs and shared how he found her on the day she died.  An uncle read Bill's statement about her which choked me up. 

Bill seemed genuinely pleased to see me and thanked me for the phone calls, text support messages and attending. I think he was touched that I didn't let the shitty state of our friendship in the past few years stop me from being a friend.  Bill looked older than I've ever seen him which technically is true of everyone we see, but he looked tired and weary.  Sad.  I know that they will find their new normal and a way to be happy again, but right now it sucks.

I felt sick all morning but once the service was over and the Lutheran food/social bit was concluded I welcomed a trip to Sears with my fella.  I made dinner while he played in the garage with his new toy. (Isn't it pretty?)   It was nice to sit and talk over dinner about important and non-important things.

Drained of all emotional energy, I tried to watch tv in bed, but didn't make it 15 minutes.  I am a boring girl who was asleep at 10:15.  Oh well, I think I have an excuse.

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