Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh that is CRAZY

One of our big projects for the house was an air conditioner and we ended up investing in a heat-pump (that will both heat and cool.)  I mentioned that the installers were here last week and spend the better part of a day in and out of our attic and back yard to get it up and running.  It has been a week and we are happy, we are getting use to the auto-tuning and think it will have been a great investment.

One of the minor tasks that has to happen now that the heat-pump is installed is to get the work inspected.  This is a great service the city provides (for a fee) that will ideally insure that our installers didn't do shoddy work.

The process is supposed to be easy. You call the number on the form, input the permit number and presto they arrive the next day to do the inspection. 

This is how it is supposed to work.  Sadly, the permit number that is PRINTED on the form with our name, address and job information is not actually the "real" permit number.  I guess you're supposed to call and get the clerk to assign you a different number that will work with the phone system.

I love this bit of inefficiency that has resulted in  my planning to be here for the inspector who is not coming. 

The other "super helpful" thing the city of Renton has going for it is their automated phone line.  Once you enter your permit number it simply says "Thank you for calling the city of Renton, goodbye" and then it hangs up.   Oh my...I'm so glad I called today to see if I could get a 4 hour window for the inspection because if I had sat here waiting all day and the inspector didn't show I probably would have gone to the crazy, bitchy place when I learned my secret permit number wasn't on my form.

I hex you, City of Renton for being inefficient.

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