Monday, April 12, 2010

There's no announcement about an addition to our family, but...

we've been talking lightly around the idea of a dog or a cat. Jas would prefer a cat because of the maintenance factor - cats are nice but tend to their own needs and think of washing themselves as a hobby. Dogs - need that doggie bath thing and you can't leave a dog overnight like you can a cat.

The problem that I'm finding is the breeds of hypoallergenic cats are VERY limited and (sorry bald kitty) most frighten me.   This second guy could come live with us and I'm sure we would love him.

According to the world wide web, male cats have less allergens in their protein (or shed less protein... I'm not no veteran - get off me.)

Some of the dogs are cute but the best dogs for allergy sufferers are in the poodle category.  Sorry, PePe... you are not going to live in my house.  Other dogs that don't shed are actually pretty hairy, like the dreadlocked Puli.  It would be fun to have a doggie named Bob Marley, but I think the trips to the doggie groomer would get old after a while.

 Pulis come in white too.  If this guy was ours we would name him "Swifter". 

There's no plan or time line around a non-human soul entering our house.  We are only talking. 

The pro's are many:
  1. Pets are a wonderful addition to your home.  
  2. They offer companionship 
  3. They have character.  
  4. They can be fun
  5. They can be warm
  6. They can be complete members of your family.
  7. People with pets are better looking
  8. People with pets make more money
  9. People with pets don't make up strange facts and post them as the truth.

The cons are these: 
  1. Any animal including the hypoallergenic ones will have some impact on my already sneezing guy 
  2. Animals refuse to poop in the toilet.  I don't really want to manage poop for the next 18 years. 
I do miss my buddy Peter.  He was a sweet boy and any potential new arrival would not be a replacement.

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RisibleGirl said...


You can train a dog to poop in the same place, which makes it a little less awful. I don't really need to do that because I always take the 'steiners out on a leash to do his thing and I pick it up right then and there. Easy peasy for me.

You working from home is the perfect opportunity to get a baby. Because I've been home with him from day one, he doesn't do bad things because he never had a chance to do anything without me getting after him right then and there. Einstein has ZERO separation issues and can be trusted to be on his own without being crated.

I can't begin to tell you how much Einstein has enriched my life. Yeah- he can be annoying at the 7pm hour (just like a little kid who needs to go to bed.) but he's still a puppy and I'm sure he'll get over that. Traveling is easy when you find a good place to send them. I love PetsMart dog hotel.

The most fun thing is to go to the dog park and watch all the joy in those puppy faces.

I'm glad we don't have any allergies to pets in this household. There isn't a single hypoallergenic animal that appeals to me.

Oh- I hope you can get a pet. I'd be so excited for you!

(ok, I'm going to go calm down now)