Friday, April 30, 2010

Ticket for one please!

One of my happy responsibilities at MegaBank was to participate in an organization that brought security professionals together from all over the world and from all types of companies to discuss emerging issues. I learned a lot and grew tremendously through the experience.

Aside from the loss of my spectacular and talented team the forced end of my relationship with that organization was the hardest part about the death of MegaBank.

Happily I find that my new employer is a member of the organization and I am just ballsy enough to walk right up to our senior security manager and tell him I want to be involved again. He agreed and magically, by this morning I'm set up with an account on their website and am looking at travel options to the next meeting.

This is the same organization that gave me the opportunity to visit Dublin, Ireland, Barcelona, Spain and Austin, Texas. It's not every gal who gets to have such amazing cultural experiences. I mean...TEXAS! That's totally unique.

So, I'll likely be heading to Boston in October and the June meeting is in Brighton in England. The big cheese said "count on going" but I need to talk to my direct manager before I book the ticket. I think it would be bad for her to check in on me and find that I'm outside London and not Seattle. I still have to change my name on my passport - which I should send off today to get it processed in time (in case I really am going).

Normal travel to San Jose without my guy seems ok, but I will admit that I'm feeling strange about travel to far off wonderful places without him. Many of the members bring their 'wives' on these trips and it is perfectly acceptable, but I doubt Jas would like the shopping experiences with the ladies and I really doubt we're going to pay for his airfare out of our own pocket. We're doing ok, but a side trip to the UK... that's something we plan ahead for.

So, after my mid day meetings I'm off to get a passport photo and then send my packet to the state department for the (semi)unlikely event that I'm needed in Europe in June.

Stay tuned!

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