Monday, April 05, 2010

That would be a pretty good show

I was reading the celebrity gossip websites while eating my lunch today and see that poor Lindsay Lohan is living primarily off the fees she makes for attending events, but that she's not making as much as the little raisin colored girl from the Jersey Shore -  Snookey, Snooki or Hooker... heck, I don't know who she is.

Anywho - I decided that it might be fun to "book" Lindsay for a dinner party to really liven the joint up and since she's apparently quite the bargain what could it hurt?

I did a Google search for "Celebrity Talent Booking" and found a few sites where you can "invite" celebrities to your events (for a fee) and it turns out that the list of celebrities who will do this is pretty big.  If you want to book the whole cast of LOST, it can be done.

One site seemed a bit out of date as there were a few people on their list that I think are dead.  I think you might be able to get a price break on a celebrity after they have died, but maybe their fee goes up because the travel becomes more complicated.

It is interesting to look at the list of people who will come for a day for the small amount of $50,000 to $100,000.  I wonder if I'd get any bookings at all if I posted myself as a "humorous blogger".  Probably not, but it might be a great way to travel to exotic places like Kansas for free.  Apologies to the Kansas contingency for assuming only "celebrities" like me would come out their way.

I'll have to save up some coin to book someone good because while I can afford to book John Stone who is
"known for his ability to meld the world of medicine with literature and poetry, John Stone is an author, poet, and practicing cardiologist."  I doubt anyone would come to my dinner party.

I'll keep you posted on who I get.

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