Thursday, April 22, 2010

Long Day to Earth Day

As predicted yesterday was a long day, with the alarm going off at 4:15 am and not getting to sleep until about midnight.  It was productive and made me think that I need to schedule time in San Jose on a semi-regular basis.  It is good team building, and I got a lot done.  (go figure)

Today is Earth Day and I'm celebrating by wearing a sweater vs. using the heat.  Actually, I think it is better to live like everyday is Earth Day and do your part to recycle, buy smart and not burn oil fires in the back yard.

It is also "BYKTWD" at Jason's employer (bring your kids to work day) so he's having fun dodging smaller versions of his co-workers. 

Jas 'shares' a workspace with three other people.  There's Jody, the super fun and wrong on many level's work wife, Dweasel, the shortish, weight lifter who eats 12 eggs a day and the other guy who is I'm guessing not super funny and not overly irritating or I would know his name.

I met Dweasel at a work party and got to meet his lovely wife and kids.  And by "lovely" I mean, odd.  She's Ukrainian (it only matters because the accent and what she said to me fits a terrible stereotype in my head) and rules their house and Dweasels life as if he doesn't have a reasonable thought in his head.  She gets pissed if she calls him at work and he can't talk.  So, I have the back story that he's a bit hen pecked, but at the party she made a big show of asking how I was getting use to having to ask to spend money (now that we're married.)  Uh...ask!?  Jason and I both laughed out loud at that one.  She also wanted to know exactly how much we spent for our house, the square footage, the size of the yard... Rude, Rude, Rude.   So, while all this was happening, their little angel daughter who is maybe 12, rolls up and shoves her plate of food into Dweasel's hand and says "Hold this!" and then walks away.  Like momma like daughter I guess.

I tell you all this because, the little angel is at work today whipping her dad into shape.  (tee hee)  What wonderful entertainment for the others in the workspace.  I guess it's a nice change of pace from what I assume are terrible egg farts.

I tried to find a kid to bring to my work today.  You would think it would be easy with our having a High School less than a mile away, but alas the police stopped by and told me I had to stop recruiting for my "take your kid to work day" candidate.  Apparently, if they aren't your kids they aren't welcome.  Whatever.  My employer really dropped the ball anyway on the BYKTWD program for those of us who work from our homes.   I guess they thought it would look a lot like staying home from school to hang out at home.

So, I guess Bring Your Kid To Work day is about as fun in the home office as the Christmas Party.  Its exactly the same - but with less booze.


Jody TPGal's Husband's Work Wife said...

Jody, the oh so wrong work wife here:

I'd actually like to see this day be renamed to "Bring your rotten little bastard to work and interrupt not only your day, but everyone else's as well". Granted, a slightly longer acronym, but, I feel, more appropriate.

Dweasel is a complete waste of space and I hope one day his wife smothers him in his sleep with a pillow. It could happen!

tp_gal said...

Oh Jody... I couldn't love you more if you were MY work wife.

MJS said...

That picture has a ... disturbing ... quality to it. The especially creepy over-the-cube-wall look reminds me of a few people at WaMu. Charles Rotten, Mary Gardner, Dr. T, and others!