Thursday, June 24, 2010


Forgive me for bitching about something trivial, please.

This working from my own home thing is a grand and wonderful gift.  My commute is nothing, I attended a conference call this morning while still in my pj's.  I am eating out WAY less and it is blissfully quiet here. 

However, now that the darned sunshine has come back to us the call of the pretty outdoors is taxing my sense of responsibility.  Oh how I want to camp out in the back yard with a tall ice water and a book - but NOOOO, I'm upstairs responding to email, editing documents, being available and all that other grown up junk.

I did run out at lunch today and pick up our "free" tickets to see Toy Story 3D Saturday.  I say free because we got two $8.50 coupons for upgrading our Toy Story 1 & 2 dvd's to blu-ray.  The tickets were $14.00 a piece - holy hell, when did THAT happen?   I'm sure the elevated price is due to the fancy 3-D glasses I now have safely tucked into my purse, but still.  I also forked over an additional $11 for our free movie night.  Mark my words, my 1 cup of popcorn is on Jason's dime!  Heck, he may even have to buy me a 5 Guys burger before the show.  (yummmm... meat!)

I digress.  So, here I am with the glorious outdoors a mere stair case away and I can't do it.  I would be bad to show up back in San Jose in the middle of July with a fabulous tan.  I'm from Seattle - they would know something was up.

Oh well - trapped inside with a paycheck is better than free and worried about the mortgage.

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