Monday, June 28, 2010

Quiet & Nice

This past weekend was one of those (rare) weekends were we didn't have ten thousand things planned.  I didn't invite anyone over for dinner, I didn't schedule us on the 6am Northwest Trek tour and I didn't decide we would be repainting the house.  It was fantastic!

We did go see Toy Story 3D - which was super cute.  My car spent time with the mechanics for an oil change and tire rotation, and Jason installed 5 stepping stones on the far side of our yard.  Yesterday we stopped over at the St. Matthew's Church Picnic and enjoyed some fried chicken and green jello .  You have to love a Lutheran Pot Luck.

We made a yummy dinner last night and then watched Design Star on HGTV.  Aren't you just so jealous of my fabulous life?  I mean it is all champagne, parties and yachts!

One very funny thing happened last night.  I was in bed, cozy and waiting for Mr. TP to finish his shower so we could watch Design Star.  While I was waiting I was catching up on FaceBook and someone posted that the new Apple 4.0 upgrade fixed a (for me) major irritation about the camera on the iPhone.  Post upgrade there is no more shutter lag.  Excited, I held the phone up to take a picture to see how it worked.  As I snapped the picture, my sweet but naked husband walked out of the bathroom to grab his pj's.   I'm not sure who was more surprised, me or him.  Based upon the speed at which he had my phone in his hands and was deleting the picture I would say him. 

We agreed early on that while it may be acceptable for Paris Hilton to photograph herself in the nude doing "things" to people that we are NOT Paris Hilton and there will be NO NUDIE pictures of either of us.  It just won't be done.

You can thank me now, or later!


The Jod said...

I can't stop giggling about you snapping a nudie of J. I think it's absolutely hilarious and a true shame it wasn't posted on the blog for all to see.

PNB Dave said...

I, for one, am grateful that there will not be nude J. pics posted on the interwebs.

Nothing against J.