Monday, June 14, 2010

What's shakin' at casa la tp this week

Here we are at Monday again. It is going to be a very busy week. I’m in San Jose until Wednesday and then the moment I get off the plane I am instructed that I am to do an OJ Simpson through the airport (that is running like a professional football player not “allegedly” murdering people or holding people against their will while I take stuff that is “mine” back) to get to the car where Jas & his parents will be waiting. From there we will zip up to Cousin Marty’s for the first of what I assume will be an entire weekend of activities related to a wedding Friday.
Thursday, there is the traditional “man’s lunch” which is a nice gathering of all the dudes who get together to throw back a beer and eat meat to celebrate the impending nuptuals. I’m not sure how it got started, but I like it. There are SO MANY woman oriented wedding activities, that one the dudes can do that don’t involve gifts or stripper poles are a positive.

Thursday evening, the night before the wedding there would normally be a massive rehersal dinner, but the bride (who may be smarter than anyone) has limited this event to only the people in the wedding. I’m thinking that Wednesday night, a plan will be developed for a gathering at someones house (who lives with me.)

An impromteau party would be fine. My in-laws kick butt and make hosting easy. A trip to Costco and a table on the patio and it is a festival!
Friday there’s the wedding and reception. Saturday,there will be some sort of post wedding “thing”.
Sunday we have reservations to see Teatro Zanzini for dinner.
Somewhere in this week, we think the concrete people are coming to pour the new slab. I hope it is done by the time I get home Wednesday – you know, like magic. We don’t have a specific day scheduled, but unless the weather turns to poop it will be this week.
So, that’s our week – exciting stuff eh?

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