Friday, June 04, 2010

It was as I guessed... wet

So, my mid-morning (early lunch break) yoga experience was great.  I am pleased to report that I have more mobility than I did at my biggest weight - go figure.  I did sweat like a pig (has anyone seen a pig sweat?) but it felt good.  The instructor didn't seem to mind and didn't look at me like I was about to die.

Some of the more "namaste" aspects of yoga might be lost on me,  I'm a spiritual person but to be one with the now is confusing to me.  (I know... be present in THIS moment because it is the moment you have.)  It also took me a couple times to be able to "take in an Ohm".  I was silent during the first Ohm, and then participated a bit with the "whoosh" as we pulled the bad energy out and threw it away but I gave the last "Ohm" the old college try and kind of liked it.

I walked out of the studio feeling stronger than I did walking in.  It certainly is a good work out and very peaceful.  Thankfully, even in the more bendy, open positions there was no tooting.  My biggest fear is to cut a huge fart during a quiet downward dog movement.  I clearly have some room to grow in the flexibility arena, but I enjoyed myself and I will try to work some more classes in.

I have cooled down, enjoyed some much needed food (I forgot to eat before I went to the class) and have finally showered.  I am feeling clean, refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my work day (thankfully, my co-workers can't smell me while I work at my desk in my stinky yoga pants) and then our dinner out tonight.


tp_gal said...

I guess, my graphic representation of self will be wildly different from day to day.

Some days I may be portly and others a little wafer thin mint. Either way, it is goofy - which matches my spirit. That's what counts... right?

TP Gal's Husband's work wife: The Jod said...

I had to stop doing pilates because I couldn't control my laughing when someone would squeeze one off. I'm too sophomoric to be able to maintain any sense of decorum. It's a sad state..I'm 35 for Christ Sake..when will that whole decorum thing kick in?? So glad you didn't squeeze one off. You're an inspiration dear girl.