Monday, June 21, 2010

It was a simple, sweet wedding

The family wedding of Jason's second cousin Friday was a nice affair. The ceremony was simple, but presided over by both the groom's family priest and the minister from the bride's church. Our young bride (age 20) looked lovely and even pulled out a second wedding dress for the party that was simple and super cute. They chose a happy color of yellow for the bridesmaid dresses and it really worked.

The groom and the grooms dudes wore long tuxedo jackets which I don't personally like, but they seemed happy and 15 seconds into the reception they were in just the cute yellow vests anyway, so the silliness was removed from my vision.

The reception was at the grooms mother & dad's house under a festive cover lit with a bazillion white lights and our disco ball made an appearance to make folks sparkle.

Teresa, who is Jason's cousin as well as the groom's mother gets a medal for hosting a rather large wedding out of her kitchen. When you're the grooms mom aren't you supposed to get to sit back and simply be gorgeous?

I know, I know, today's weddings are far from the traditional by the (Emily Post) book affairs. Who pays for what is often determined by who can or wants to pay for what. Jas & I were happy to host our own wedding with lots of moral and other support from both of our parents. Their participation in every way was and is greatly appreciated.

As it should be, the details of who paid for what for the wedding of the "young uns" is a mystery, but from where I sit (in judgment?) it seems like the grooms mother did a yeoman's amount of work.

I was surprised to see the casual nature of dress of some of the attendants. In addition to the tuxedoed groomsmen and decked out bridesmaids there were people in jeans, a kid (aged 20) in a tuxedo t-shirt. Hey, it's a fancy t-shirt right? There were also some interesting fashion choices that look like an actual attempt to dress up, but that failed miserably.

One gal was in a black tank-top shirt - dress thing (Jen called it a "shress")with three tiers of fluffy ruffles. It was too short to be a dress and too long to be worn as your standard shirt. She wore this ruffled nightmare with tight grey leggings that were stretched to their limit in certain areas. She also wore a 'lovely' bow in her hair. This gal was attractive, but of the rounder variety and as a rounder girl I have learned that what looks good on Heidi Klum does not look good on me. My stick thin, tall, small boobed friend Misty could have pulled off the "shress" and leggings, but she's so fabulous that she can pull of a "shress" and rockin' high heel shoes. (on my quest for the perfect "shress" photo I ran across a blogger who was talking about this very topic and she said: "Why do people need to know that my vag is literally an inch away from the hem of my dress? " I almost spit up on my keyboard. I am happy to know I'm not the only one who finds the shirt-dress (shress) outfit disturbing.

Back to the wedding. It was a country music wedding, so there was no dancing - or at least by the time we hit the road the only people dancing were the flower girls. Thankfully our summer weather held, meaning that it was over 65 degrees and not raining - a Seattle June Miracle! We visited with all sorts of relatives and had a wonderful time.

A Friday wedding seems odd because there's not really a whole day devoted to the bride and groom and yet, how wonderful to have two whole days after the wedding to visit with out of town guests. We had people over Saturday for a rather fun dinner party.

So, other than snarky comments about the dress of some guests and a general feeling that 20 is too young to get married it was a perfect day. I hope the new Mr. & Mrs. enjoyed their special day and have fun on their honeymoon in Mexico.

I reviewed the gifts to find one the size of the gun rack, but nothing of that size stood out. I would be interested to see what they got considering how sparse their registry was, but alas it will (as it should) remain a mystery.

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