Thursday, June 03, 2010


Well, this could be fun.  Uber cool Pastor Gretchen and I will be partaking in a yoga class tomorrow.  I can sneak it in during my lunch hour and be all nice and bendy for the weekend.  (wait.... that sounded bad.)

I took a few yoga classes earlier in my life, but I was "big TP" then and it is hard to bend when you've got an extra 100 lbs on your frame. I am hopeful that I'll be less awkward this go round.  No matter, I'm excited to do some relaxi-sweat exercise.  I like the gym work outs...but mixing it up is a good idea.

The classes are a whopping $15 to drop in, but since my schedule is so whackadoo (it's a word!) that I can't commit to an "every Wednesday" type class.  I'm just lucky that I can work it in during the day.  The not needing to shower right away to get back to work is nice.

There were folks at the bank that could go running at lunch and quickly clean up and be professional again.  Not me, I turn RED when I work out.  It is not something I can simply turn off.  When RED SWEATY TP shows up at your meeting it is hard not to think she is pissed about something.  (She's not, but she looks it).

By the way do you like my "art"?  I'm wondering if I should stop "borrowing" stuff from the Internet.  Some images must be stolen (Milk-a-what?) but images showing me at yoga or sweaty, can be easily created.  I'm sure I'll either get better at it, or get bored with it.  Either way, it is a win win for you.


TP Gal's Husband's Work Wife: The Jod said...

Darling...the artwork just isn't flattering..Keep stealing from the internet. xoxox

tp_gal said...

right... but it looks like me.

TP Gal's Husband's Work Wife: The Jod said said...

No, it doesn't reflect you..that's my's certainly not an accurate reflection. All that it has is blond hair.

PNB Dave said...

I am in fact drinking milk at the moment, and reading "Milk-a-what?" almost made me spew it on my computer.