Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Weekend recap.

Our weekend away with my family was fun.  We left Saturday morning and avoided the 14 mile backup over the pass.  It seemed silly to spend Friday stuck in traffic just to pay for an extra night in a hotel.

We helped my parents with lots of "around the house" type things - Jason helped my dad finish the trim on the new flooring they installed.  I burned out the motor on the weed eater. Perhaps when the dandelions have 1 inch circumference stalks they probably should be lopped off with tree cutters versus decapitating them with the weed eater.  It was a messy and fun job.  

There was a lawn to be mowed, the apple trees in front, the giant walnut tree in the back and the little apple tree in back needed trimming.  These trees have long ago stopped producing fruit, so trimming them in late spring is more of an aesthetic thing than a maintenance thing.  Chopping out all the suckers and low hanging limbs help with a more safe lawn mowing experience.   Trust me on that one... those branches are a bitch when you fly under them with the riding lawn mower.

We also helped do some barn organizing, lifting heavy crap and making room for more heavy crap.  There was an exciting trip to the dump (with a stop at the recycling center to drop about 50% of the load).  All in all it was a productive weekend.

The aunts came over Sunday for a back yard bbq.  Jason grilled up juicy rib eye steaks and took some flack about everything he owned coming from Costco.  He's a good sport and only spit on one of the steaks.  We played lawn darts and in spite of our best efforts no one got hurt.

We managed to sneak in one winery stop over the weekend, and heaven help me I don't remember the name of it, but I do remember this creepy statue that they had outside.  I'm not sure what she is all about, but she is (in my opinion) ugly and has an extra eye.

Because the parents house is so quaint, and home to one very sweet dog and a cat a hotel is the place for Jason & I.   I reserved us the "whirlpool" suite and made a trip to LUSH to pick up some fun bath bombs for the interpersonal time after family time.   The bath bomb "Big Blue" looks innocent enough.  It was described online as "We sprinkle each bomb with Atlantic sea salt crystals and infuse them with seaweed to soften and nourish the skin, giving you a beautiful beachy glow."   Yes, the online description clearly states... SEAWEED.  I tell you, in the store no mention of seaweed was present.  It was quite the shock when our bomb exploded and this came out into the tub:

It looks like pubic hair, right?!

Well, since we had the jets on in the tub all these little bits of black twigs got everywhere. We tried to gather it all up and scoop it out but lots and lots of it got into the inner workings of the tub.

Instead of a relaxing bath that inspired the things that are inspired at a hotel with a whirlpool tub... we spend 30-45 minutes picking the nubby bits out of the tub and rinsing the jets, filling the tub turning it on, scooping up MORE nubby bits, rinsing, scooping. IT WAS HORRIFIC.

Trust me, I would rather have used the Honey one that makes the water look like pee than this thing. It would have been one thing if the twigs had dissolved, but seaweed is hearty in water.

So, the romantic whirlpool room (like my fireplace suite on the honeymoon) was a bust. Maybe I should stop all attempts at hotel seductions. Clearly, I am VERY bad at it.

The good news is that we got a full nights sleep.


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