Sunday, June 13, 2010

Girlfriend needs a girlfriend

I am aware this is not the most flattering part of my personality, but Friday we spotted a gal in an unflattering outfit that called out for mentioning.

This baby blue 'dress' looked more like a pillow case than anything else.  It was thin and almost transparent.  It was also backless, but thankfully our gal had enough smarts to wear a tank top to cover her much needed bra.

She waswith a group of people that looks stylish. I wonder why no one has ever mentioned that is dress is awful and does nothing to show off her assets (boobs) and totally draws attention away from her genuinely pretty face.

The Grecian Goddess look is hard to pull off and I'm afraid she missed the mark by a long shot.

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PNB Dave said...

Somewhere I have a picture of Bruce from Daly's in a toga. Unfortunately for this woman, this picture reminds me of that picture.