Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm in the in between

Yeah, it is a line from "The Lovely Bones" and it refers to where a person might go that has died but hasn't transitioned to heaven or that other place.  No, I haven't died...this would be one impressive blog if that were the case, and someone would have to come over and pick up Jason off the floor.

I'm in the "in between" because my doctor that I like so much has decided to move his practice to Bainbridge Island and while I like him, I don't "take the day off and grab a ferry" like him.  I just had my annual exam and things came out mostly perfect (as always, I never quite reach perfection.) Since I don't have a need to see a doctor right now, picking a new one is sort of like throwing darts at a map.   Our insurance people say that I can make a consultation appointment, but the clinic I called today wasn't excited about that prospect.

I found a clinic in my very own neighborhood that does general family medicine.  The two doctors on staff aren't taking new patients, but they have two new docs coming on staff in August.  I want to get in their record books for the sole reason that they are part of the local hospital and dang, I could actually walk to the doctor if I wanted to.  They are across the street from my Starbucks - HANDY!

I made several calls today on the hunt for a new primary care doctor.  Monday mornings are not the time to do this.  One office had a auto message that told me I was 8th in line to talk to the operator.  I didn't call them back. 

I'm not overly thrilled about not having a doctor that I can call.  However, I can call the office where Dr. Mike use to work and get help from someone in that practice.  So I guess I'm not completely without medical care.

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