Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Christmas Card From Puget Sound Energy

Power-Restoration Status for South King and Pierce Counties
As of 11 a.m. PST, Dec. 19, 2006

For the Renton, Renton Highlands, and Fairwood areas
In the Renton area, we are working to repair the local distribution lines to restore customers' power by Wednesday or Thursday. Because of severe damage to the transmission lines serving the Fairwood and Lake Youngs areas, restoration efforts will continue there into the weekend.


MWR said...

I'm very sorry that you are having to endure all this.

Peter the Cat said...

I am very sorry that I am having to endure all this. Can't you please bring me a saucer of cream the next time you visit me? I feel like I've earned it.

Did you read about those people in New Orleans who died trying to rescue family pets from a fate I imagine would have been rather like what I am enduring now? So did I.

By the way, remember a few weeks ago when I advised you to invest more in synthetic mink blankets? You thought that was some kind of big joke, didn't you? But I was deadly serious. Who's laughing now?