Sunday, December 31, 2006


While lounging at Casa M&M-H in Portland this weekend I picked up the pile of magazines and catalogues and started to flip through them. I've always loved catalogues. As a kid the Sear's WishBook would arrive and I would spend hours and hours deciding which toys I needed to have. Then I would go through it with the rule that I had to pick out one thing on every page - even the "boy" pages. I would carefully circle every selected item and dream about how much fun it would be to play with the chosen.

As an adult its not the WishBook that brings hours of fantasy but the Pottery Barn Bed and Bath catalogue or the William Sonoma kitchen gadgets that are exciting to me. I know that the $2 scraper from Fred Meyer will scrape just as well as the $12 scraper from Crate & Barrel but the more expensive one is more fun to use. What is that? I'm such a consumer.

I am aware that if I stop spending dinero on the $12 items that I can save up the cash and buy a bigger ticket item or better yet save for the future so that when I'm old that I don't have to live under a bridge or worse at your house.

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