Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Three fun things

I learned something new today:
When uploading photo's from my iMac it matters where I navigate. When I select pictures from the "Data" folder I get the thumbnails, and when I select from the Originals or the Modified folders I get the correct pictures. What I don't understand is why the thumbnails are larger in file size than the photo's with better resolution. It is too bad that I figured this out after uploading 130 or so photo's to shutterfly so I'll have to do it again. Even with DSL/Cable it is a slow process.

I also don't understand why neither the data file nor the modified folders have the pictures listed by the new file name if I rename it. Half of the point of renaming a file is so that you can find it without having to open or preview it.

Mom and Dad gave me queen sized sheets for Christmas. I think it was a hint to ditch the full sized bed so I broke down and bought.... a new couch! Well, couch and a love seat to be exact. The couch has a queen pull out so mom and dad have a place to sleep when they are here. (More than likely, there will be a new queen bed in my future but I don't want to spend the ENTIRE year end bonus money in one shopping adventure.

My friend June is so cool. She and Abs made a massive gingerbread house before Christmas and for New Year's she let the kids tear it apart and eat anything they wanted off of it. It was exciting and all the kids said it was the most fun thing they had ever done. Here's our before, during and after shots. You might be able to tell which is which.

Please note that while this might not have been the most healthy activity it was served with milk.


MWR said...

A-ha! So the problem first identified by moi turns out to be with the incredibly user-friendly Mac . . . how interesting.

Anonymous said...

awesome photos!