Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Almost Finished

WIth the new couches finally in my home, it became quite clear that I wasn't exactly done with my "e-z" livingroom re-deaux. The Dania coffee and side table were really short and practically useless with the new configuration. Not only that but the Cherry wood didn't coordinate well with the antique pieces that I have. I spent some time on line at my Barbie Dream Store (Pottery Barn) and didn't find anyhting worthy of $1500. On a whim I took myself to CostPlus world market where Becky got her fabulous dining room table just to see what they had in the "sturdy, yet attractive motif."

Yeah haw, not only did they have the exact style of table I wanted but it was ON SALE! The only thing holding me back was the TV situation - no longer would the blonde pressboard Circuit City Media case be at home in my fabulous new living room so was there anything in the same style that would work? Well - yes my friends there is. It's a "buffet" that was 40% off - which more than covered the cost of the coffee table - so I got both pieces for the price of the one, and a third the price of anything at Pottry Barn! hot dog. (I know you're asking yourself - where does she get the money --- it's called a savings account people and I HAD one!)

The buffet weighs about 9000 pounds so it's being delivered, but the coffee table is put together and in place! Check it out and find Peter at home in his new spot:


Peter the Cat said...

I approve of the new cat-beds! They look nice with my cat-rocker. But where are you going to sit?

I have to say, in the end you made the right decision about the chiton. You weren't ready to care for one of those things. How is someone who can't even come up with the occasional saucer of cream going to create an environment with hundreds of liters of recirculating cold saltwater? I heard somewhere that after that movie came out, a lot of people went out and got chitons . . . and then later most of those chitons ended up getting flushed down the toilet. It's sad, but fair. I hate those things.

Anyway, good call.

MJS said...

Love love LOVE the new collection...yep...I love everything about it. is that a texture on top of the coffee table I'm seeing, or just the light playing tricks on me?

Also, let me know when you want to drain the rest of your savings account and we'll go round out the deal with a new home entertainment center.