Sunday, January 28, 2007


Man, I am so cranky today. It's probably a good thing that I live alone. The urge to be a raging bitch is just under the surface. I did a root cause analysis and found that I'm selfish and that irritates me.

I hung out for yet another Saturday waiting for the gal to come pick up the couch. Her e-mail said
"We should be able to pick it up somewhat early Saturday morning."
To me this implied Saturday before noon. To Shiloh, this meant her boyfriend would call me before noon. They are doing me a huge favor by taking this unwanted furniture off my hands so I didn't want to be pissy with him. So, after he told me his tale of woe about the roommates moving out and leaving them furnitureless I volunteered to pay for half of a rental truck - yes folks I'm ready to start paying money to have the stuff go away. He said he would call me Sunday morning to let me know when they were coming.

Sunday... 9:30 phone rings...
"Um yeah, we can't make it because we just don't have the resources to get transportation."
OK, I'm really ready to get rid of the couch, but if I'm going to pay to move the couch anywhere I will donate it to charity and get a tax deduction. So I thanked him and ended the call. It really hacked me off tho'. If they didn't have transportation how were they going to pick it up yesterday?

So, stuck with the couch around my neck like an albatross I headed to Bellevue to meet friends for a 10:30 brunch. 10:40...10:45...10:50...grumble...11:00 am they walk in. "we had to get gas" I tried to not be pissy as this is the first time I've left the house since Friday night and I want to have fun during the 6 hours that someone is willing to spend with me (see how crazy I am today?) so I shake it off. Brunch is good and we walk over to see Babel. (whoa what was that movie about? Maybe GUNS BAD.)

My friend was supposed to me us at the theater and then come over to my place after. No show. A short message on my cell ( which is AGAIN spending the weekend on my desk because not only am I crazy, selfish and whiny, but apparently stupid) to say she fell asleep and wouldn't make it but I should call her.

I just called - answering machine. Short "I'm returning your call" is all I could manage without being a raging bitch. Who needs the drama right? If I was a priority she would have been there, so what's the worry.

There's a local non-profit that might possibly pick up furniture so I've sent an e-mail and am hoping that works out. In the meantime I'll just sit here and pick at my desk.

I hope to be back to sunny tpgal tomorrow. I hate me when I'm cranky.


MWR said...

I'm just glad the new Blogger came out when it did—the label function is helping me keep track of the "Couch" saga. There doesn't seem to be a label for "Craigslist is AMAZING!", which I think is a direct quote.

In case you were wondering, the couch abandoned in October is still outside over here, and someone has moved it so it blocks the steps we use to reach the dumpsters. That was nice. I just went and taped a sign on it reading "$650.00 (FIRM)". Gotta keep the neighborhood amused.

MJS said...
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MJS said... was at that moment I realized...

MWR said...

Well, some 4 hours later some jerk with anger issues (not you, I hope) had already torn off the main part of the sign an thrown it on the ground, leaving "IRM)".

Who would do such a thing to a defenseless sign?

I think if I spent too much time among many of the people in my neighborhood, I might grow jaded and disgusted.

But enough about me. You are right. If your friend cared about you, she would never have fallen asleep! Honestly, what cheek! Falling asleep!