Saturday, January 20, 2007

Corpor-ganda in Action

MegaBank had its annual rah-rah meeting, which is a well run, flashy party with exciting PowerPoint presentations. It's generally not boring, contains a good recap of the previous year, and the new party line for the current year. They usually roll out a new catch phrase that ends up on presentations at the worker level faster than you can say "hub and spoke" which was last years technology catch phrase. One team even tried to put the phrase in a policy, but it was quickly squashed. "Hey, what happens when "hub and spoke" becomes as unspeakable as "deliver solutions" or "technology enablement"?" But this is also the same team that spent a year reducing the number of policies because of an off hand comment the executive made and then proposed a policy to make their group super important. Uh, hello!? You made the gruel - now you eat it!

So, back to the party, there's always lots of crap to be had at the vendor and department tradeshow. I tried to walk away with nothing, but the excitement of the free pens and blinking stuff gets to you. As you can see, I wasn't able to get away empty handed.

The last day is motivation day where they roll out a speaker to get us energized - last year it was Colin Powell , Magic Johnson has inspired us to do great things, and this year they brought in the teacher from the Freedom Writers movie. (I will confess that I would normally call it the Michelle Phiffer Dangerous Mind's remake but I'm high on kindness right now and you'll have to forgive me.) She spoke about her story and how she tried to connect with the "reject" kids and in doing so changed their lives. One of the kids also spoke and there was only one dry eye in the house. SportBoy is dead inside and thus he can not cry. We should start a foundation to buy him a heart.

What was shocking was our CEO came out after the presentations and was moved to tears. I guess you know that all people are people, but its easy to forget.

Anyway - mostly it was a great party and I can't wait to take my blinking lights back to work come Monday.

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MWR said...

It looks like you showed admirable restraint ;) I think you should have focused on those doubloons. As it is, you only snagged six of those.