Wednesday, January 10, 2007

There's Chiton my floor

I was certainly right about the horrific amount of work that needed to be done to prep for the 8am arrival of Installer Uno and Installer Dos of the we nod at everything you say carpet installation co. Actually - they were very nice and the language thing was only a little issue when I tried to explain why I didn't want my cherry coffee table out on my nasty deck.

By 10 pm I pretty much had everything moved out of the living room and bed room. As you can see I have too much stuff. This stuff WILL be prioritized before it moves back into drawers and closets. This pile is OUT OF CONTROL.

This is what happened in the dining room and kitchen:

They were working away in both rooms at once - and I in the office on a dreadfully dull task when I realized I hadn't seen the cat in a while. I popped out to find they had blocked me into the office and asked if they had seen the cat. The laughed a little and pointed to the deck. There, in a snow drift, Peter sat puffed up to keep warm and swaying in the wind. He was clearly in need of a nap (having been up for at least an hour). I had to carry him in to the office where he quickly found the safe space under a dresser and only just came out even though the installers have been gone since 1pm

The new carpets are lovely. The Berber in the livingroom is stunning (and yes, you can not really see the difference in the before and after shots - but believe me I can tell. The bedroom "Chiton" (shit on) is a pretty mocha color and it should wear nicely. Ok, I've got to go, I've only got 5 or so hours to put my house back together.

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Peter the Cat said...

Aaaaaagh! No. No! NO! No new pets! Take care of me! What the hell do you want one of these things for? Do you miss the beach that much? I'm cuddlier.