Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

I had a great conversation with mums this evening. She is a funny lady and has been a great mom, You must take anything I post about her has the musings of a selfish, well-raised and ungrateful child.

These are the things about my mom that are amazing:

1) She means well. Everything she does is well intentioned.
2) She's always learning something.
3) She never shied away from hard work. She always gives it everything she has.
4) She has a knack for turning people's cast aways into hard cold cash.
5) She didn't like what she saw in our home town so she ran for city council and won.
6) She joined the volunteer fire department in the early 70's - the first woman to ever do so in our town.
7) We didn't have a lot of spare money while I was growing up and she made me beautiful dresses for the formal dances and frankly they were stuning.
8) She once stayed up all night to finish a stupid mini-skirt and flashdance top (it was the 80's!) so I could wear it to school the next day - no special reason just because it was cool.
9) She loves pumkin pie and makes a massive one for every Thanksgiving and Christmas and has never noticed that the rest of us don't eat the pumkin pie. It wouldn't be the holidays without the massive pie that only she eats. I love that she doesn't sacrifice something simple that she loves just because she's the only one who does.
10) She has a wicked sense of humor.
11) She once set me up on a date with someone's son who "was about my age" and that's the only thing she knew about him. "He's single and about your age. He and his mom will be here at 4." - great! When the man of my dreams' (or just my age box) mother pulled into our driveway she hid in the hall with me until we were sure he wasn't in the car.
12) She hasn't tried anymore set ups since that fiasco.
13) She's proud of me even though I'm not perfect.
14) She gets excited about the smallest things. "Did I tell you I bought a pitching wedge!?" "yeah mom, about 10 minutes ago."
15) She loves to sing and doesn't let her total inability to carry a tune to hold her back.
16) She's not afraid to try new things.
17) She put a lot of effort into making a safe and happy home for our family and not in a crazy neurotic way.
18) She could always come up with fun activities on days that it rained. "I know... let's move the wood pile!" (We moved the wood pile twice that year... that's a lot of walking logs across the yard in the rain - just so you know.)
19) She loves camping and made sure that we did fun family things.
20) She invented the Summer Nights on the Deck - where we would move our beds outside and camp out under the stars on the back deck. More often than not she would wake up alone or with just Brandy the neighbors scruffy stinky dog.
21) When she's right about something she doens't hold the "I told you so" over your head more than once - even when you're really really wrong.
22) She still laughs at the story about losing the bet about how many light switches there were in our family room. Although, technically you could count the circut breaker as a "switch" - I conceed that maybe it might have been a tie.
23) Mom's brush with fame was being hit on by Steve McQueen back when he was the bomb and she told him to hit the skids.
24) She showed me that things and people who are worth having in your life are worth fighting for.
25) She demonstrates that integrity is a way of life.
26) She is a living example that life is what you make it, and happiness can be as simple as a hammock under a beautiful tree.
27) She taught me how to change the oil in my car - we did it together by ourselves!! (No... we did not do it by driving to a Jiffy Lube...we crawled under the car and did it ourselves.)
28) She is a lot of fun and our nutty southern vacation was truly enjoyable.
29) She experiences many things with the joy of a kid, I'm not sure how she does it but she's still got the ability to get out of her 'adultt.
30) She admits when she's wrong - like about me stealing her pillow - very funny!

Don't get me wrong - she's still a wack-job but I'm proud to say that she's my wack-job and I'm proud to be just like her!