Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday, Sunny Monday

(Sorry U2.)

Ah, morning brings good news from a non-profit called "the Hope Chest" that lo and behold is right here in my neighborhood. They are helping people get back on their feet, "one family at a time." It could be their family, but since they have the 503(c) status I do not care. The furniture should be gone by the end of the week!

I also discovered this morning that I bought the wrong milk - I'm a non-fat milk gal. It is just as nutritious but without the fat. Of course, it tastes like crap - but over cereal it doesn't much matter. Today I found out that I bought 2% yummy! Seriously, it's not that I'm stupid - in the organic brand the milk isn't marked by different colors instead they use words and come on... who reads?

MWR's comment about the street couch in his neighborhood made me laugh. It's sad that the other hip bohemian residents don't get your wry sense of humor. Although... and I encourage you take this in the best possible way... don't mock the woman who is bitching unreasonably. Women in that state of mind have a tendency to turn on the first live body that challenges them. Few dudes have survived such an experience which is why you may not know not to "poke the bear". You see, the bad mood may not have been caused by you, but in that frame of mind, it doesn't matter. I'm probably going to get a fine from the AoW (association of women) for divulging inner secrets but as your friend I couldn't not let you know.

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MWR said...

"the other hip bohemian residents" (my emphasis)

Awww, even when upbraiding me she manages to make my day.